David is a Fine Artist by training and experience. David has the eye of an art detective as well, and can look at an art object large or small to diagnose the composition and colour, in order to repair, reproduce or adapt it to a new design or to fit into a new environment. 
David has worked at times with teams of designers adapting texture and colour to form, creating extraordinary finishes on floors, walls, ceilings, furniture, and many other objects.  
These skills are useful in many applications, such as stage design, in private homes and businesses, and on yachts, 
His skills are extended into dimensional objects, working with materials commonly resorted to in home construction and fine cabinet making. 
In short David is very versatile and adept at solving design problems. 
These skills have been as useful in repair and restoration as much as new production and invention.
Sometimes when doing a mural the subject matter requires study. The reproduction of buildings, cars, ships, people and their pets all require authentic references to their characters. It may be necessary to render portraiture of people in the mural, such as in a historic gathering. Attention to detail is a required tool of discipline for this kind of work. 
Another skill not possessed by some artists is being able to work with others, being able to gather input from one or more persons who may or may not be comfortable expressing their ideas in words. David's goal is the successful accomplishment of the creative task and works with patience and determination towards this end. 
This website is intended to convey the rare ability David possesses and brings to each of his creative tasks. You are welcome to contact David to discuss your ideas by email or by phone. For further viewing of a much wider selection of David’s work, please refer to this website address: