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The horse sketches are recent.
The Individuation Series of five large canvases accompanies a written description of the process of Individuation in five progressive steps/paintings from the initial abstract idea to the last painting as a more refined version of the same thing. Individuation is a Jungian concept referring to the process of refinement a person may experience as they define their individuality. This takes place over time, hence the sequence of five paintings.
 I avoid strict realism because every reality is  subjective reality. We can agree on the common painterly language of  depicting "real" or abstract imagery, but each individual will select from an image their own reality, thus making it their experience.  There are commonalities of symbolic language in imagery, associations we share. But no artist can say what anyone else's journey narrative will be. 
In addition to this series are other paintings who's descriptions will appear at a later date. 
There are pictures of a mural of the Great Wall of China, located at Christina Wan's Mandarin House in Ft Lauderdale .
There is a large scroll with another Asian themed piece, inspired by the I Ching. 
There are three pencil drawings, Mars: The Coming of War, Kronos/Saturn, and Transformation.