A Brief History

As a child David was interested in drawing first with a realists hand , what he saw . Later,  more interested in what the eyes did not see and the mind would have to interpret. 

David has always created without a strict outline of a composition.  Creation evolves according to its own nature as it is expressed, as it is discovered, this artist does not presume to always know what he is doing and enjoys discovering as time passes.

 David decided as an adolescent that it was important to learn the established languages of visual art from many cultures and styles. how and why other artists saw and did what they did. To learn anatomy, to be a competent draftsman, and grow familiar with art techniques and materials. These are the alphabet, tools and vocabulary of the painter. David pursued for one year a post high school education at Pratt Institute in New York city, however the greater education was provided by being an artist in New York city more then at the school. After one year of the school David departed and engaged himself as an exhibiting artist in the birthing art district of lower Manhattan called SOHO, now largely boutiques.

From SOHO David  explored exposition in other neighborhoods in Manhattan, and around metropolitan New York. From the upper east side, midtown and downtown. David designed magazine advertisements and T shirts for an investment company he spent three years working for while setting up his New York gallery affiliations. 

During this time David was a frequent contributing writer to what was at the time an " underground paper" in the pre internet pre-blog days called Inside Joke, published by Elaine Wexler.  David had several short stories published and contributed some illustrations. After achieving exhibition venues in most Manhattan neighborhoods, New Jersey and Philadelphia, there was a recession, during which all five galleries in Manhattan David was an exhibiting member of closed. At this juncture David moved to Vermont, lived in an old Pearl Buck house and painted for a couple of years. At this time David also began experimenting with faux finishes and trompe l'oeil painting. There was little opportunity for this kind of work in Vermont, but an invitation came to participate in such projects in Ft Lauderdale, Florida in the mid 1990's. In south east Florida and from there other US states David expanded into a variety of Decorative Arts.

This expanded into a wide variety of design/paint applications, in restaurants, homes, business interiors and street facades, and yachts. A number of years were also spent design and executing set design for regional theaters from the Florida Keys to West Palm Beach, and outside Florida in other states and countries. The styles/techniques David was asked to study and present for clients is wide, 

After many years of such work David attempted to reduce the amount of time in Decorative Arts and return to his own painting. He was a critical founder and advocate for a performance art group called the Randomists in south east Florida. David exhibited in Ft Lauderdale a few times, Palm Beach, and in Miami by invitation, but has generally withdrawn from exhibiting his fine art paintings. 

In 2008 David published a book intending to clarify the distinctions between the hysteria of 2012 and the  gloom and doom interpreters of Mayan mythology, using  the astrological theories that supposedly underwrote the premise .

The book was available at Amazon.com for four years, withdrawn from publication in 2013,  pending a follow up that has never been completed.  The book explained the current era from an astrological perspective with a view from the age of quantum physics and general psychology,  a point of view that most people, astrologers and non astrologers, are not familiar. While the book pointed out that there was clearly insufficient astrological material to support anything like the Mayan world ending myth, he pointed out that at the end of that decade beginning in the late teens and culminating in 2021-23 there would be incredible astrological material supporting a world changing transformation though it would be painful and incredibly difficult for some. 

Another manuscript recently completed is creatively tied to a large painting is under way and due for release in later 2020, not yet completed. The painting concerns a timeless metaphysical drama, the players being actors on the stage of the psyche. This painting is large and can only be worked on during summer months when a large studio space is available.

David has recorded somewhere around 200 songs, many of them original. As it is in his commercial decorative painting David enjoys many musical styles. Classical to rock, this website has one long playing abstract track if you choose to listen to it on the home page. You can sample a more conventional selection of David's recordings at Soundcloud:   https://soundcloud.com/davidiste